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The essence of all our restaurants

The first Pizza 4U opened in Alfaz del Pi in 2002.

Alfaz del Pi is a small town with about 20 000 inhabitants and is a very international town, with people from all over the world.

The pizzeria is located in the centre of the old town, between the town hall and the church square. In this square you can also see the famous Pine tree which is the symbol of Alfaz del Pi.

The pizzeria has a small terrace of about 10 tables and is extended in summer when the street is pedestrianised at night.

Alfaz is also famous for its Film Festival in the first week of July every year.

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PIZZA4U La Nucía

A corner in paradise

Pizza 4U in La Nucia opened its doors in 2003 and is located at the exit of the village towards Polop.

La Nucía is a bustling town of about 25 000 inhabitants. Next to the pizzeria is the Auditorio del Mediterraneo where there are many performances throughout the year.

The pizzeria has a very large terrace with beautiful views and direct access to a children’s playground.

The Fiestas Mayores Patronales are held from the 14th of August each year.

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PIZZA4U Benidorm

Enjoy our cuisine in the centre of Benidorm, 1 min from the beach and 3 min from the old town

Benidorm is a city with about 70 000 inhabitants.
Known as the “New York of the Mediterranean”.

Benidorm is one of the most important touristic cities in the Mediterranean with very famous beaches.

Pizza4U opened its doors in 2015 and is located in a privileged area just 2 minutes from the centre of Benidorm and the beach.

The pizzeria has a terrace and a central location.

The patron saint festivities are held every year in November.

PIZZA4U El Albir

Enjoy our cuisine and nature

Pizza4U opened its doors in Albir Beach in 2009. The Pizzeria is located in the very centre of Albir next to the main street and has a nice outdoor terrace. Playa del Albir is famous for its beautiful pebble beach and the Sierra Helada Natural Park with its promenade to the lighthouse. The Albir fiestas are held every year in August. During the Film Festival in the first week of July you can also watch films from the beach.

PIZZA4U La Vila Joiosa

New paradise with our kitchen

In Vila Joiosa, Pizza4U opened its doors in 2016. Villajoyosa (popularly known as “La Vila”) is located in the south of the Marina Baixa region, Villajoyosa has been the historical capital of the region since at least the 6th century BC. until the late Roman period (6th century AD) and later, after a few centuries for which we lack evidence, again after the Christian occupation in 1300. La Vila Gastronòmica is the brand created by the City Council of La Vila Joiosa to promote the cuisine and food products of the city, familiarly known as La Vila. Its content is articulated around three fundamental gastronomic attractions: restaurants, chocolate and fishing.